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After 14 years
retail sales are suspended

Special thank you to all our customers over the years. We hope that minertown.com has provided adaquate sales service and some entertainment value through the website. Wholesale opportunities are still available, view the list below for a partial list of minerals, fossils and cut and polished stone sold by the small or large flat. Contact: info@minertown.com for specific information.

10 flats of Pakistan minerals $120 to $250 each
5 flats of Tsumeb calcite and associated minerals $80.00 each
5 flats India zeolites $40 to $60 each
1 small flat Mexico creedite $60.00
5 flats mixed worldwide quartz $120 to $200 each
2 flats Mazon Creek fossils $100 to $150 each
1 flat ammonites, some polished from Madagascar $140.00
1 small flat Czech Rebpublic trilobites $120.00
1 small flat Malawi aigerine $80.00
1 small flat Malawi minerals $ 110
8 flats mixed US and PA minerals $60 to $100 each
Arkansas Clear Quartz $10 a pound or $15 a pound for small needle clusters
5 flats Uruguay Citrine Quartz $70 a flat
Cactus or spirit quartz from South Africa is $25.00 a pound
large Uruguay amythyst geodes email for prices
1 small flat of Arkansas Wavellite $60.00
2 flats 45mm eggs $5 per egg
luorite Spheres are $15.00 a pound
1 small flate excellent star rose eggs from Madagascar $50.00 a pound
1 flat rose quartz spheres to 4 1/2 inch diamter $35.00 a pound
1 flat medium quality labradorite spheres $20.00 a pound
chrysacola spheres and eggs from Peru up to 2 3/4 inch diameter $95.00 a pound
6 flats of fibrous malachite specimens from Congo $40 a pound
2 flats polished malachite specimens from Congo $40 a pound
polished malachite stones $18 to $20 a pound depends on quantity purchased
2 flats smokey quartz crystals from Argentine $15.00 a pound
Also the entire retail stock on the website, about 1,000 items: email info@minertown.com for a link to the old website.

Our old customers are welcome to pick through the remaining retail stock, again email for that link.
Wholesale customer can travel to central PA to see the available stock: call 717 320 2801


mineral bar

If you are looking for something that you do not see on the Mineral Market send us an email at info@minertown.com and we will do our best to find it for you. The stock of rocks, crystals, fossils, minerals and gemstones is always growing and changing. You never know what you'll find at minertown.com

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mineral bar

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